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Depo lamps must pass a strict internal VTF protocols in terms of Form, Fit, and Function to ensure an easy drop-in fit and plug-and-play of the products. 

Third Party Certified Lights

Replacement Truck Light

DEPO is committed to offering a high quality option to our customers.  You are sure to find what you need to service your Heavy Duty & Medium Duty customers. All DEPO HD parts have been put through a rigorous vehicle test fit to ensure proper appearance, fit, and function.


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Maxzone Auto Parts

Product Categories

Over 20 years, we've been dedicated to serving the collision market and push ourselves to the advanced level with our products and services.
  • 正面車體
    • Fog Lamp Cover

      Fog Lamp Cover

    • Reflector


    • Rear-view Mirror

      Rear-view Mirror

    • Headlight


    • Cooling Fan

      Cooling Fan

    • Fog Lamp

      Fog Lamp

  • 背面車體
    • Rear Reflector

      Rear Reflector

    • Door handle

      Door handle

    • License Lamp

      License Lamp

    • Back-up Lamp

      Back-up Lamp

    • Tail Lamp

      Tail Lamp

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